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One of the reasons to train for a marathon is to make sure that I will be able to start and finish without breaking. I also want to be wise in my training and, at the end “race”. Besides my marathontraining plan, I’m gleaning from other sources and experts on how to do it well. Where else to better pick up tips than from the legendary Eliud Kipchoge. In an interview I watched-listened to, he mentioned a run diary. Which got me thinking.

I kept journals on and off over the years. Physical ones, you know, pen-and-book journals. I’ve also tried journaling apps, and the last, and best one I used was Day One app. I haven’t used it for years but I am thinking about taking it up again. Not everything I will think and feel in preparation for Cape Town Marathon is for ‘broadcast’. 

I will attempt keeping a run diary-log. The Nike Run app I use has space for notes after runs and I will make use of that section / space after those runs. 

The important thing is listening to myself, the environment and other sources of data. The discipline of reflection to get better is underrated. I want to also practice this with my runs and training. 

I started capturing thoughts from my first speed run, as well as my long run. 

First Speed Run Diary Entry #01

I made rookie mistakes. I ran too hard too fast out the gate when I should have been warming up. Need to remember the very basic stuff: run easy, warm up before you ramp up. 

Not only that I was unsettled, well, I rushed myself. Note to self: do a self-check in. Calm yourself down before running. Gather yourself. 

I ran on wet grass and ground because I did this as part of my park run. Probably not a good idea. Might be good for recovery runs but not speed runs.

First Long Run Entry #02

This was a 8km run. On the Nike Running App, Coach Bennet called it the, “Grateful 8”. The name was a giveaway. The reflective theme had me thinking about what I was grateful for, and I am grateful for a lot. I will do a separate post for this. 

Reminders and things I learnt? I ran a long run with elevation in near-gale force winds. The distance, with little elevation, used to be a difficult one, which I did in double the time a couple of years ago. I am stronger. 

Running (and life) is to be enjoyed (and lived). Even when the training is hard make sure the joy is there. 

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