The Cost Of Running

cost of running

Everything costs something. Being athletic and playing a few sports in school, I’ve always been aware of this. And, as I’ve (re)discovered running, the cost of running is obvious. I seem to review it often. I’m stating the obvious for some people, but I always find reflective exercises like this quite helpful.

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Ill Disruption

One of the things I knew could happen was disruptions to normal life, running and training. Two things I always want to avoid as much as possible: injury and being ill.

The last eight days or so were a little rough. Was ill and that took a whole of of energy, and a hectic dose of meds and energy.

Now reviewing training plan and not wanting to be stupid with how I get back to training. Doctor told me to listen to my body and I will.

But am also curious about how other runners get back to training and running after being down for a while. Let me know…