My Park Run Is More Park Run Than Yours

The Park Run is one of my weekend features. Sometimes i time my long runs so that i do the last bit of them at the park run. I use them for 5K tempo runs, and recovery runs.

I love that they are accessible. Not intimidating, and welcoming. Some local clubs and crews also join them to come alongside others on their journey.

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No Solo

two men fist bump

I’ve always known that anything significant can never be done solo. As I (re)discover running I’m discovering community anew. I don’t think I overlook its importance, but I’m challenged to appreciate it more. 

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Unplanned; No Pressure

Ran similar distance planned for today but in an unplanned way. Sometimes life and stuff happens. It felt great that I could adjust because I was running for the joy of running. For the gift of movement and life.

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The Cost Of Running

cost of running

Everything costs something. Being athletic and playing a few sports in school, I’ve always been aware of this. And, as I’ve (re)discovered running, the cost of running is obvious. I seem to review it often. I’m stating the obvious for some people, but I always find reflective exercises like this quite helpful.

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